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Meet the passionate team that makes BullDoc work


Dr. Joseph LeMaster, MD, MPH

Associate KU Professor & Family Practice Physician


High school students are the future... and if we are somehow not able to meet these needs, and we lose some of these students... we're not really doing anyone any service.

So we are co-creating something with the school, with the community, and with the medical professionals that will truly meet those needs. ...It really has a sense of being holistic."


Dr. Allen Greiner, MD, MPH

Associate Chair of Research in Family Medicine at KU


Having our medical students involved in this has built in a huge educational component. ... All our medical students become expert diagnosticians and experts in their therapeutics. Their experiences in things like BullDoc helps them to also become experts in transmitting compassion into their practice.

And our medical students working with the high school students has created a sort of mentorship for those interested in maybe going on in the field."


Claire Hall & Rosa Vargas

Wyandotte Staff BullDoc Co-Directors


We've been working with BullDoc to help keep the kids in school ... And it has really worked to improve attendance and consistency, helping more kids graduate.

... BullDoc has become a safety net for so many of our kids. They've formed bonds with the doctors, with the medical students, with the staff, and they feel like they truly have someone who's looking out for their health."


Alicia Brooks

Yoga & Mindfulness Trainer


This type of training is a really good outlet for kids. It helps them train their mind and their body to focus and be intentional about how they feel and how to manage how they feel.

... This has been especially helpful in trauma therapy, where mindfulness is incredibly effective for managing mental and emotional side-effects."


Joyce Buchanan

Director of BullDoc Mental Health Services


We've developed a very good base for BullDoc's mental health program, and now the challenge is increasing those services to meet the needs of more students.

... I see and hope that the mental health program will continue to grow. Without a doubt, a deep and fundamental need is there in this community."


Rasheedah Villarreal

Wyandotte High School Counselor


The BullDoc is comprehensive. ... It supports the students in so many ways. A student cannot do well in school if they're not physically healthy AND mentally healthy.

... The BullDoc addresses all of their needs in such a way that empowers them to do better in everything."


Mary Stewart

Wyandotte High School Principal


The BullDoc has positively transformed everything we do here at Wyandotte. ... From an educational standpoint, we want them to dream a little, and then their experiences in the clinic help develop that dream into something real.

... And without a doubt, it has literally saved children's lives."

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