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BullDoc breaks down access barriers to healthcare by bringing services directly to an underserved student population

Every student seeking healthcare at BullDoc is evaluated by a physician from the University of Kansas Department of Family Medicine. Residents from KUMC, as well as medical and nursing students, assist attending physicians in delivering student care. Further, BullDoc Clinic collaborates with other organizations and professionals within the community to provide a wide variety of student health and wellness services.

Services offered include:

Direct Care


Basic Physicals

At least 35% of families have specified they cannot get access to a basic physical outside of BullDoc
Wyandotte HS requires physicals for all students to participate in school-wide activities
Physicals and check-ups enable better student attendance, health outcomes, and educational achievement



Students unable to obtain district required vaccinations are often prevented from attending school
BullDoc partners with the Wyandotte County Health Department to offer biannual vaccine clinics
A healthy and vaccinated student body improves the overall educational environment at WHS


Primary Care

BullDoc provides treatment for a wide variety of common ailments, injuries, and chronic conditions
Teachers can refer students to the clinic during the school day or students can self-refer
Students receive quality care that is otherwise difficult to obtain, while minimizing interruptions in attendance and class time

Mental Health


Professional Counseling

The Wyandotte school counselors serve at a 300:1 student to counselor ratio
Counselors and educators can refer students with mental health needs to the BullDoc Mental Health Program
The program offers in-school individual or group therapy sessions led by licensed professionals


Case Management

Offers additional support and follow up to students who experience frequent trauma
Many Wyandotte students deal with multiple exposures to significant trauma
Trauma situations may involve hunger, homelessness, abuse, and exposure to violence in the KCK community


Psycho-Social Groups

Students are organized into social communities with others who have experienced similar challenges and trauma
Support systems are built around types of trauma
Students cohesively build coping skills and support methods for handling trauma


Yoga & Mindfulness

Research shows that trauma impact can be greatly mitigated with yoga & mindfulness techniques
BullDoc brings a professional yoga instructor to campus weekly
Training is also offered to teachers experiencing "secondary trauma"

PATH Clinic


Prenatal Care

PATH clinic services and prenatal care now being provided in partnership through Vibrant Health of KCK and KUMC Family Medicine and Community Health. To learn more about Vibrant Health, visit vibranthealthkc.org


Education & Support

Physicians and medical students facilitate educational group classes for expecting mothers
PATH clinic is held weekly at Wyandotte and JC Harmon to allow teenage moms to remain in school as long as possible


Delivery & Neo-Natal

Expecting students deliver at KUMC and receive early newborn care at reduced cost to mom and baby

Healthy Paws


Academic Course Studies

Wyandotte HS Students work an academic course studies in Health Sciences, levels 1, 2, & 3
Early courses survey health field professions and routes to education
Higher level courses begin student exposure to practical skills in medicine


Health Professional Skills Training

BullDoc offers familiarity & experiential learning for the academic courses
Health Science 3 students learn basic vitals and practice with KU Medical Students at the BullDoc


Mentoring & Internships

Students can pursue one-on-one mentoring with various health professionals: nurses, doctors, and medical students
Students can cite mentorship and training on applications for health-related collegiate degrees
Select students work internships in medical institutions with networks discovered through Healthy Paws and BullDoc

If you're a student at Wyandotte High School and want to get started with receiving care at BullDoc: