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Working towards a healthy today, so students can pursue an ambitious tomorrow

BullDoc Health Clinic provides free, comprehensive healthcare and education to students at Wyandotte High School. We believe that combining quality healthcare with job training and mentoring offers a holistic solution to a community of underserved students, many of whom are uninsured.

We partner with local health care providers and students, educators and administrators at WHS, and other community volunteers to bring on-site medical and mental health services, peer counseling, and real-life work experience to students interested in pursuing careers in medicine. By ensuring students are healthy and inspired today, BullDoc helps build the foundation for an ambitious tomorrow.

Founded to serve the healthcare needs of students at Wyandotte High School

Whether low income, uninsured, unable to speak English, or even unfamiliar with the United States, many Wyandotte families have no access to healthcare outside of BullDoc.

A collaborative partnership between the Wyandotte and KUMC communities

We focus on providing quality health care tailored to the specific needs of the WHS community. Continual assessment of the health disparities students face inspires formation of services that will benefit them most.

Using healthcare as a foundation for lifelong student success

BullDoc is an integral part of the school community, impacting not only student health, but also academics and career paths.